• My web page used to say:

    "The official time is brought to by, the Time Service Dept., U.S. Naval Observatory, the official source of time in the United States and for Wagner Worldwide Enterprises. Accept no imitations!".

    I never knew that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was the official timekeeper. Back in the mid 90's I saw a link to the Time Service Dept., U.S. Naval Observatory website at (still alive at this time but might disappear) and have always used that site for timekeeping. Never dawned on me to use a search engine to look for the official timekeeper, they were pretty weak in the mid 90s anyways.

  • Speaking of search engines...Yahoo! used to be a directory of websites and not a search engine. The Yahoo! search engine I think used to search the Yahoo! directory and then at the bottom would have links to other search engines. See this page, notice this is pre-Google!

  • I stay in touch with world events by reading Yahoo's News Summaries. It's the equivalent of CNN's Headline News, but in text. I highly recommend it. Yahoo! News used to be just text no pictures. I hated the day they turned off the text only interface. Now that cell phones are popular they have a "Lighter" interface but it's not as good as it used to be.

    It's funny the stuff that used to be on this page. I had links to:

  • a directory at that allowed you to search e-mail addresses of people at other colleges/universities. I find it bizzarre that now redirects to I remember a lot stuff used to be at The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NSCA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They used to have an HTML Primer for example.

  • a web page showing how to convert various audio and data compression/encoding file formats. I remember stuff used to sometimes be encoded in Sun audio (*.au) and to download binary files from newsgroups was weird. You needed uudecode and some other stuff I wasn't familiar with.

  • virtual postcards site, they were cool when they first started.

  • The Sandia National Laboratories used to have a page that listed all the html commands and how to use them.

  • ImagiTek Network Graphic Design has a page to help you choose the background color of your home page. I'm surprised this is still around!

  • "Texture Land & Hall of Shame", for some reason the url used to be Land used to be a site where you download backgrounds that you can use on your home page. The Hall of Shame is a list of the Internet's best & worst web pages. Found a mirror!

  • Learn GIF89 Animation at Royal E. Frazier's home page. It used to be at but that's gone. Found a mirror. Appearentely this web site was the 1st reference for GIF89 animation. It the rage when it was new. I bet I thought the below animated gif was hot stuff, sure looks lame now!

  • Link to Java Telnet program, probably the only useful Java program I knew about for a while. There was a lot of hype when Java first came out but I could never understand the big deal, all I knew was if a web page had a Java applet the browser would grind to a halt while Java launched.

    New!Another relic of the past was the new image.