Ivan J. Wagner's Home Page -- Pictures
  • Panda. He is my stuffed animal that I sleep with. Yes, I am a grown man sleeping with a stuffed animal. Can't help it, he is cute and cuddly. He is actually my wife's stuffed animal but after we got married we exchanged stuffed animals and I got Panda and she got Bunny. Yes, we could not think of better names for them. As you can see from the closeup we have played with him too much and he is dirty now. Panda "working". I was looking at my web logs one day and discovered that the Panda picture is being used as an avatar picture by some people which I found amusing.

  • A castle overlooking the city of Avila in Spain. Whe I lived in Spain we would sometimes spend the night at castles like the one in the picture. It was really cool.

  • A tical in Guatemala. We got to climb them to the top. It was neat. The place we were at was a film site for Star Wars: A New Hope.