[ESS video cover]

  • Problem Solving Flow Chart, I have this posted at wok and constantly refer to it so I can do the "Right Thing".

  • Making fun of Micro$oft is fun. The picture I think originally came from but GeoCities is no more.

  • SoundAmerica has some pretty funny sound clips on their web site two of their best are the Star Wars Cantina song and the Star Trek Love Trek. I have decided to keep my own copies of the songs since stuff on the web is starting to disappear for copyright or bankruptcy reasons.

  • My Diablo 2 screenshot. I think I was being cheap and not using any mana potions so it took me a real long time to kill everbody (I also kept running out of stamina). It of course probably did not help that there were 8 people in the game. Yes that is blood and guts from those big guys that spit out the little guys. No clue what the are called. This was unintentional btw. I only noticed it after I was done.

    [Pic of Wolverine]

    Linux animated cursors. These still work last time I checked in 2012 (I think, getting old...)

    Old e-mail messages about Linux that I found humorous

    HKH is an old favorite.